Truro 2008

Date17th October 2008
VenueHeadland Hotel
HostDavid Bracey
SecretariesAlison Luckman

Truro Friday 17th October 2008

The meeting was held at the Headland Hotel, overlooking Fistral Beach, a pleasant setting on a sunny autumn day.

There was an excellent selection of scientific papers. The prize for the best paper was won by Miss Aisling Longworth, a medical student from Bristol. She gave a very clear and informative paper on ‘The Functional Outcome of the Fractured Clavicle’. A generous lunch break allowed some surfing!

Darren Fern gave the guest lecture entitled ‘Biological Arthroplasty of the Hip’, a very informative account of the diversity of hip morphology, its significance, and its treatment.

40+ people stayed on for the dinner at the hotel and enjoyed a very pleasant evening.

truro-2008-01 Half the audience went surfing!

truro-2008-02 Andy Lee with Aisling Longworth

truro-2008-03 Darren Fern

truro-2008-04 Next morning the balloon goes up!